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slo0 in croatia_photos

Hi, I'm Nataly, from Moscow.) I've found this comunity and I want to share my photoes with you. They are not professional like you post here, but they mean a lot for me, because after my trip to Croatia this summer I'm really in love with this place.)

We lived in Pula. It's about 2 hours of flight from Moscow.
I was really surprised when i saw our beach in front of the hotel. So small, without umbrellas and so on. But then I understood that it's ok, because croatian beaches are not hotel's property. So clean and beautiful water-that's really amazing!)

I've found this xDD

A lot of people swim in this like places.

First time I was deadly boring, because I was there with my parents. But then I had met some foreigner friends and we rented bicycles (it appears that it's very popular there) and went to the center of Pula. I liked it very much!)

Sometimes we went to excursions.
It's a cave.

Then some trip.

And we went to Rovinj. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen in this country!)

It's amazing for me.

The National Park Plitvice Lakes.

There were a lot of jellyfishes like this one.

Zagreb. Unfortunatelly I had a few time there(

And in Pula is the most little airport I've ever seen)

Sorry for my mistakes all around, I will try to learn english and know more.
I hope you enjoyed pics.)


Thank you for such beautiful photos! I'm glad you had a nice time :)
thank you a lot!)
Ты ооочень похожа на Эшли Симпсон!
А Хорватия, как всегда, прекрасна!
о_О..спасибо, наверно. мне она нравится ))