I've been to Šibenik about two-three monts ago. Šibenik is a really beautiful and impressive old croatian royal town in Dalmatia, about 80 km north of Split. It's a typical dalmatian town with old stone buildings, and narrow streets, and walking them, it gives everyone this feeling oh history, and just takes my breath away. And with its AMAZING St. James cathedral, which is really, in my opinion THE most beautiful church in the world. Ever.

More about Šibenik:

I originally posted the photos on a forum at, where I'm also a member, hence the signature (Nika).
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Hi, I'm Nataly, from Moscow.) I've found this comunity and I want to share my photoes with you. They are not professional like you post here, but they mean a lot for me, because after my trip to Croatia this summer I'm really in love with this place.)

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